“A wonderful or astonishing thing”. From the Latin mirabilia, derived from the adjective mirabilis, which in turn comes from mirus, meaning admirable or extraordinary; mirus has given us the words miracle, mirage and mirrorand some linguists have also attributed it to the Sanskrit smdyate, meaning “he smiles” and the Slav smijati, “to laugh”.

Marvels, marvellous
such words form thresholds. They pave the way. And acknowledging, sounding out or overcoming them, whatever one’s chosen path – anthropology, art, botany, cinema, history, history of art, literature, mineralogy, philosophy, poetry, psychoanalysis, theatre… lies at the heart of Mirabilia, the new magazine launched by Anne Guglielmetti and Vincent Gille. The attached text will provide an insight into the spirit and ambitions which have inspired it.

Mirabilia is published twice a year. Lavishly illustrated, particular care has also been taken with its presentation, layout, typography and printing.

Mirabilia is available by subscription on a two-issue basis and can be ordered online. Copies will also be available in selected bookshops in Paris and a number of provincial cities.

Please contact us if you require any more information or have any suggestions or proposals:
Mirabilia, 393 rue des Pyrénées, 75020 Paris